Web Proxy Over ssh : A way to pass over firewall

Sometimes we need connect to a web server hosted at cloud and we cannot open ports. We need only open a shell and write the follow code. After connection, open your browser and set the proxy SOCK host: and port 8080 (or some other equal ‘port’ at the command above)

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Fast QuickStart Hadoop: The Cloudera Machine

If you need learn about hadoop you should initiate with this quickstart from [cloudera] (http://www.cloudera.com/documentation/enterprise/latest/topics/quickstart_docker_container.html). If you don’t know nothing about docker, relax =) This is only one command you need to know:

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The Genesis!

var _this; 
/*_this is my first post. I've had many blogs, but I've never had time to write about my experiencies.
My objective is make this blog as a way of colaborating about principles, technology, trends and about jobs I've have done. 
See you!*/
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